Participation Project 2

Part A

Baby at work

Pets at work

Part B

Work Values

Age: 54

G: Male

Work Values: Strong emphasis on being on time and establishing a good work ethic. Says the most important values come from being diligent and “working hard and working early.”

 If I were consulting for their workplace, I would advise them to set up some kind of programs to incentivize workers to show up before their shifts, possibly a minor pay raise or bonus to those who were there early. Possibly more opportunities given for overtime to those who want.

Age: 52

G: Female

Work Values: Believed that it is important to enjoy what you do or at least be able to tolerate your work environment. It seems to them mental health is important.

 So a program that brings employees together during work may be practical. Programs for building community in the workplace would be important, possibly increasing HR department effectiveness. This would lead to a happier and potentially more effective workplace reducing burnout.

Age: 37

G: Male

Work Values: Believed that having a drive or working somewhere that brings purpose is extremely important. Brings up that a lot of times you can feel unfulfilled at certain jobs and that choosing a career that fits you is important. He says certain jobs and career paths put you in more high stress situations, but some people prefer that or feel fulfilled. So finding a career path that gives back to you is a big part of being happy with your choices.

It seems that for him work ethic stems from choosing correctly early on and from there everything can fall into place. So in this case I would advise the school system around the country to better inform people and educate them on good career options. It seems that more career fairs and possibly classes in high school purely about teaching life skills and career planning could be extremely useful.

Age: 68

G: Female

Work Values: She believes that working hard and always anticipating potential problems is a very important life skill and work value. With work there will always be problems that will pop up or things that could be improved on, and an important work value is to not only work for the deadlines, but to look ahead and plan accordingly.

Although she is retired now, I think that most of these work values are personal and internal. Meaning that it may be difficult for a workplace to implement policies to improve work ethic, it has to stem from the individual employees. As a consultant I would increase overtime opportunities and set up workshops to explain to individuals the importance of work ethic.

Age: 28

G: Male

 Work Values: If they had to choose one work value, they said that being “open-minded” is the most important. By that they mean being able to change and adapt to what the employer or specific job is asking. They believe it is important to keep an open mind when job hunting, especially early on being open to new ideas of career paths and truly learning what is out there in terms of jobs. Sometimes the first choice of career is not your favorite but it does teach some important things, and it is important to look at all the options available.

In a workplace this is a tricky issue, it seems that in certain careers more young people end up becoming burnt out and switching paths. This is a tough issue to deal with for an industry where you want to employ the best and brightest but also retain these employees for a while. It seems offering more internship opportunities to high school and early college students would benefit certain industries. This could expose younger people to career paths that they were not aware of before.

Part C

                  This article blends both I/O Psychology with cognitive/neuroscience elements. The researchers studied the effects of “burnout” and whether it can be prevented. This is an important topic in the field of I/O Psychology because many businesses and workplaces deal with employees becoming burned out and losing very bright and promising employees. The article found that chronic stress was a major factor. Some major effects of burnout were lapses in attention and reduced memory capacity. Burnout can also lead to impairment and poor functioning of other bodily conditions. Cortisol levels shift from being too high to extremely low from prolonged stress. Researchers used rats to test cortisol levels and see the effects of stress on neurons. The article also cites a study where medical students took part in a study, which tested their stress levels with the findings concluding that four weeks of recovery time after exams returned these specific students to control group levels of stress.

                  The article has some interesting info, especially showing that it may be possible to minimize burnout. Looking at this from the perspective of a corporation, burnout can be extremely dangerous and very costly to replace. More time off or rotating employees may be a cost effective solution when looking at the alternative of employees suffering burnout and having to retrain new hires would be extremely expensive for a company in the long run. The article also looked at this phenomenon from a very scientific perspective, which shows monitoring cortisol levels of employees in certain workplaces may be effective. However, this would be deemed invasive and not allowed in anything but the military or sports organizations.

                  The FBI with the help of I/O Psychologists developed surveys, which they call Climate Surveys because they act as “smoke detectors” for potential issues in the bureau. Employees fill out the surveys and the surveys are handed out green, yellow, or red grades. With red highlighting severe issues, mainly management concerns. These surveys are used to keep track of how a field office functions and if a large number of survey responses turn up red this could mean that those at the top are not correctly directing their employees. These surveys also can highlight issues within the whole FBI and not separate field offices, if a large number of responses turn up red in several separate offices.

                  I think this is a fair method of grading used by the FBI. This is similar to a company listening to employees on how to improve and these surveys can build trust. If the FBI truly acts on red results and makes changes this is an extremely effective system. This can also prevent ineffective leadership within the field offices and motivate the high-ranking officials to not stagnate.

Part D

                  I personally drink a large amount of water and believe it really helps me function, so for me the best invention is portable water. While I personally prefer water bottles while I am at Hunter because you can refill it quite easily. However, something like a HydroFlask is way more useful for work days because it can hold a large amount of water and would stop excessive trips from your desk to get more water. I think a water filter would be another one of my favorite inventions, since it can provide clean water and really improve quality of life. It is a simple invention but I think the basics are very important, and can improve health and work efficiency.

Image result for water flasks

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